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Legal Scholars at BDS Conference UN can't see the Forest for the Trees.


I was at the UN for this conference with 3 members who were suspended out of the Park Slope Food Coop for disrupting a BDS presentation.

We went hoping to find some solution to the 8 years of BDS indoctrination in the Park Slope Food Coop.  Now that we are raising awareness due to ZOA 's involvement and the negative Press they have received, the PSFC  have temporarily toned down their BDS indoctrination.  But they have done that in the past as well when under attack.  They are lying low....until they can once again raise their ugly heads. 

Stopping BDS is not the Solution. It's just a temporary measure.  

We are not lawyers but probably that is a good thing I concluded after listening to all the speeches other than Mort Klein who spoke passionately and seemed to get it.

Prof. Dershowitz was terribly concerned about the 1st Amendment rights of the BDS people.  Apparently there is no legal way according to the existing law to stop BDS indoctrination. They are fully protected under the 1st Amendment. Therefore if the Coop were to spend 8 years with articles and workshops aimed at convincing 17,000 members of the Coop that the Sky was purple than we have to accept the situation.  After all they have the law on their side.  The individuals who decide on the agenda or the editors of their newspaper have control of the narrative and they have basically suppressed any kind of alternative narrative to shut down their false narrative and finally after 8 years of frustration some members got up and disrupted their BS (sic) and were disciplined.  Many lawyers have told us we have no case.  After all, we disrupted an approved Agenda item from the PSFC General Meeting. 

 Only if we can somehow prove that they are boycotting Israeli products, then we can somehow succeed to take them to court and enforce that they may not go into contract with New York State. That is the only case we can bring in a court of law and win in order for them to suffer some form of punitive consequence for their out of control BDS.

After the conference members of our group approached Brook Goldstein Esq. and Mr. Goldfeder Esq. who seemed to feel that there is not much they can do for us legally. 

If that is the case then apparently this scholarly legal  approach to fighting BDS is a failure..

If the only people anti BDS lawyers can defend is someone like superstar Matisyahu, who was a victim of cultural discrimination, or someone who got physically punched, or stop a Hamas front,  and if the measure of success is gauged by having succeeded in allowing the exhibit of Golda Meir to be exhibited in Kent State  but you can't seem to remove 8 years of lies and indoctrination from the PSFC Coop we failed big time to fight and stop BDS.  

We have been duped into being overly concerned with the rights of the BDSers to indoctrinate a false and offensive narrative to very large segments, vulnerable and clueless populations, often individuals and students who depend on their environment for their education. 

Even if we manage to succeed in reinstating these 4 members who were suspended from the PSFC or even if wee manage to get the Coop to sell  Israeli products which indeed would be an accomplishment even though these products could survive without PSFC, if we haven't succeeded to reeducate, to undo the damage of 8 years of BDS indoctrination of 17,000 PSFC members, we have failed.  

So my conclusion for this conference is that the legal approach as it stands now, leaves much to be desired in the fight to abolish BDS.  

Yes we are fighting BDS maybe even stopping it here and there...But we have a  long way to go if we wish to abolish BDS.

Because according to my understanding, legally, BDS indoctrination can not be undone in the PSFC and elsewhere. 

So allow me to suggest an alternative approach which hopefully will succeed in abolishing BDS and undo the damage of indoctrination.

The major reason the scholarly legal anti BDS approach is a failure is as follows: 

Firstly the legal approach accepts BDS as a legitimate Given. 

1. Israel is Occupying Palestinian Land
2. Palestinian Human Rights must not be violated
3. The Right of Return for the Palestinian people.

This assumption takes as a given that the Palestinians have a rightful claim to the Land of Israel.  All legal attempts to fight BDS does not dispute this given.

BDS indoctrination would not exist if Israel and lawyers fighting BDS refute this assumption in policy and in a court of law as Mort Klein and others have done in their presentations.  Israel for one should adopt the Levy Report. 

This given false premise is clearly  contradicted by the Torah and subsequently by International Law followed by military conquest laws.  The Torah predates  Israeli  Law and American Law and it is not presumptuous to say that much of democracy rule of Governance has its foundation from the Torah !

Dershowitz may be a brilliant lawyer but he doesn't attach any value to the Torah and its fundamental truths. 

When he promotes a 2 State Solution he annuls what is written in the Torah and the Covenent G-d made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their seed as an everlasting inheritance.  The Land belongs to G-d and it can not be given or negotiated away by anyone, be it the Prime Minister of Israel or the President of the United States, a vote in the United Nations or even Prof. Dershowitz etc.)

 Let me add that according to the Torah,  whether or not non Jews have a right to live in the Land of  Israel is dependent on their acceptance of the 7 Noahide Laws, the Laws of Universal Morality.

of interest might be the Rebbe's letter to President Ronald Reagan  The Rebbe writes to Ronald Reagan 

By focusing attention on "the ancient ethical principles and moral values which are the foundation of our character as a nation," and on the time-honored truth that "education must be more than factual enlightenment -- it must enrich the character as well as the mind," while reaffirming the eternal validity of the G-d-given Seven Noahide Laws (with all their ramifications) for people of all faiths - you have expressed most forcefully the real spirit of the American nation.

The PA and Hamas who glorify suicide bombers and human shields do no fall into this category. 

Lawyers should be careful about imposing human law above Divine Will. =

Israel is a Jewish State.  

The Government of Israel is the one responsible for BDS by not asserting it's claim to Judea and Samaria.  As I write this email,  debate is raging on in the Knesset as per whether to destroy Amona in the Shomron.  On the Table is the legislation to regulate Israeli Law to residents of Judea and Samaria. The legal status of these Jewish Homes is under question because the land upon which their homes were built legally,  once might have been owned by an Arab before 1967.   There isn't even an Arab who has come forth BTW.  In Tel Aviv, the Jewish home in the same situation would never get destroyed according to Israeli law.  But Judea and Samaria apparently is not of the equivalent Status of Holy Tel Aviv. They have a lesser status as per the Israeli Supreme Court decision who arrogantly rules to demolish Jewish Homes in the Shomron and calls their decision not to demolish the homes theft! The Settlers are the thieves of Arab Land.

If their homes in Tel Aviv were ruled as illegal because once upon a time it was built on Land that belonged to an Arab from Jaffa, and the gov't ordered that their home be demolished would they accept this decision ruling based on the fact that they "stole" property from  Arabs?

Is this so complicated?  It is clear that it is the Government of Israel who may have evil plans on demolishing these 40 homes, with lots of kids, is coming to steal Jewish property from Jewish families which was built with hard earned money and which was  legally purchased. 

The Israeli Supreme Court has arrogantly ruled that their rule of Law supersedes G-d's written law.  Back room deals are in the progress to protect the Israeli Supreme Court from scrutiny.  They are above the law. They are above G-ds law.  Or so they think. 

The Arabs have respect for the G-d of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.  They sense when Jews are not fulfilling G-d's will and they oppress us with BDS and UNESCO Resolutions to remind us

MK Lieberman today, knowing that Trump is amenable to building in Judea and Samaria is talking about freezing settlements.

Defying G--d's Torah.

Please take the time to read our suggestions.  We hope you will be convinced that it is far more effective than what was presented at the Legal Scholars BDS Conference. 

A Call for Action by Park Slope Food Coop Committee to Abolish BDS. Tuesday September 27 at 6:30pm


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Welcome to the Abolish BDS blog.  This group was started because individuals were thrown out of the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn, NY because they stood up against the Park Slope Food Coop BDS.

Please join us in fighting  BDS infiltrating our lives, our schools,  our free speech and abolish it in the Coop and elsewhere!