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Question. Does the PSFC (Park Slope Food Coop) actually boycott Israel Products?


This is an addendum to the previous discussion of my last post entitled:

Amazing Video Made in Israel in Israel. Please Show in Park Slope Food Coop for Tips on Organic Farming. ABOLISH BDS for your own benefit!  Park Slope Food Coop is shooting themselves in the foot by Boycotting Israeli Products and by spreading lies and falsehoods....  

a reader asked

Hi, Robin,

I was struck by the first line of your email.   Has the Coop actually instituted a boycott of Israeli products?  I'd understood that there have been members urging a boycott but that a boycott was never implemented.

If you'd let me know, I'd appreciate it.

Many thanks.

My answer: 

Dear S,

Thanks for your comment and excellent question. 

When you say "actually instituted a boycott" aren't you really asking "Has the Coop officially adopted a resolution, a formal legal declaration that they will boycott Israeli Products?"  

The answer to this is of course they will never do so since it would be stupid on their part and legally they will be held accountable and prosecuted.

However, it seems to me that they are totally boycotting Israeli products in the PSFC. 

Would you as a pro Israel lawyer argue that if they sell just 1 Israeli product it is proof that they are not engaging in any form of BDS whatsoever and that therefore they are protected under the law and can not be prosecuted for engaging in BDS?  And if they don't officially vote for BDS that means that there is none happening? 

so yes to your question...It is my impression and conclusion that there is some kind of boycott going on in the Coop as there are very few Israeli products and a small quantity of Kosher products sold...far from what it should be. Of course this is just an allegation based on a gut feeling rather than on scientific evidence. I of course would welcome an investigation....

The impression many of us have is that their modus operandi  is to conduct an unofficial boycott without fear of prosecution or consequence  due to their engagement of deception and knowledge of lawfare.  Their success is that they know how to circumvent the spirit of the law by being masters in engaging in the letter of the law. Deception par excellence.   We can't fall for it.   Shall we justify their bias against purchasing Israeli products simply because they make sure to have just one or even a handful of Israeli products on the shelf rather than a full lineup of items?  

Let me add that engaging in BDS also incorporates telling a false narrative which justifies economic Jihad against Israel not to mention justifies violent Jihad.  Linda Sarsour actually justifies Jihad and speaks of Jihad as if it is innocuous.  For whatever reason, in legal circles,  brainwashing with a false narrative is not considered legally problematic nor illegal nor acknowledged as part of BDS and is actually according to certain prestigious lawyers, "experts" in the field of BDS,  Freedom of Speech.  This in turn creates a very strange scenario where tax payer money is supporting Non for Profit anti Semitic propaganda and brainwashing all in the name of Freedom of Speech.   

A digression...Another example of a non for profit organization, benefiting from public assistance, financial and otherwise, and  engaged in brainwashing,  is radio station WBAI.

WBAI Real Estate Dispute: Tom DiNapol. State Comptroller and Mayor DeBlasio interfering in a real estate dispute on behalf of a liberal, progressive, anti Zionist, Leftist, Anti Trump Radio Station WBAI

So the PSFC continues to engage in brainwashing and propaganda all protected by Freedom of Speech, which is by the way, in my humble opinion,  far worse and more dangerous than the actual boycotting of Israeli products. 

As per your question is there an economic boycott happening in the PSFC...

Let us be fair to the PSFC and  compare the diversity of choice of Israeli products with what other supermarkets have on their shelf,  given the same market.  

Of course one can argue that the Buyers in the PSFC are appointed or elected by the members to make such decisions and we shouldn't intervene nor question their decisions  

Let me respond. The PSFC leadership, officers, committee heads etc.  has been successful, if my allegations are accurate,  in encouraging, aiding and abetting PSFC to engage in an unofficial BDS boycott.  This has been accomplished only because they have been successful in keeping Pro Israel, pro Judea and Samaria advocates from leadership positions in the PSFC. The time has come to drain the swamp and once and for all end perpetuating an anti Israel anti Judea and Samaria bias within the PSFC.  

Let me digress if you may...

Please read their plan of Civilization Jihad which is to infiltrate political positions elected in a democratic fashion to push their agenda. This is how they operate in all sectors in the economy, be it political, non for profit and business.

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Brigitte Gabriel exposes the Muslim Brotherhood like no other. Brilliant expose!

PSFC is only one manifestation.  The political support by DeBlasio, DeNapoli, Jummaine Williams, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for Linda Sarsour or for antisemitic anti Trump radio stations like WBAI shows us that we have some wolves as politicians guarding the hen house.

Going back to the topic at hand... 

Does the PSFC offer any products labeled made in Judea and Samaria?  If not, does that officially fall under the category of BDS? It raises the important question Is Judea and Samaria  legitimate according to the PSFC?

It is my impression that according to the PSFC BDS narrative and agenda there is no legitimacy to Judea and Samaria. There is only legitimacy to "Palestine". Did the Coop ever honestly investigate and have an open discussion as per what "Palestine" is all about from a Biblical, historic and legal standpoint? They will probably refrain from doing so because of  the truth of what they will uncover.  They surely will circumvent any such discussion by saying that since they are a Food Coop they don't want to engage in politics. This is how they suppress the narrative when is inconveniently changes their agenda. The PSFC BDS has determined as fact to their now brainwashed membership, that Israel is an illegal Occupier of stolen Palestinian Land that this is what justifies BDS in the PSFC!

If however Judea and Samaria is indeed legitimate, then why not have products labeled "made in Judea and Samaria"?

The only way to truly determine if the PSFC are engaged in a full scale boycott is to investigate current purchasing practices and in addition place an officer or committee head who is pro Israel and pro Judea and Samaria in a leadership position in the purchasing dept of the  PSFC.  Let us then see if that makes a difference as per what gets on the shelves.

My allegation against the PSFC  is that at the present time, the leadership within the PSFC, those that makes such decisions,  do so in a biased manner to  support the "values of the PSFC" based on trumped up allegations of  "human rights violations of the oppressed Palestinian people" rather than on the quality of the Organic produce produced in Israel and farmed by Jewish residents living in the Biblical heartland of Israel, known as Judea and Samaria. .


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Amazing Video Made in Israel in Israel. Please Show in Park Slope Food Coop for Tips on Organic Farming. ABOLISH BDS for your own benefit!


Dear Reader: You might be interested in further discussion and comments on this post of whether the PSFC engages in BDS or not. Please visit  this link: 
Question. Does the PSFC (Park Slope Food Coop) actually boycott Israel Products?

Park Slope Food Coop is shooting themselves in the foot by Boycotting Israeli Products and by spreading lies and falsehoods.  The PSFC BDS falsely accuses Israel and the IDF for Israeli aggression, for murdering innocent Palestinians, for stealing and Occupying Palestinian Land and taking away Palestinian human rights. These arguments are used to justify Arab Aggression (terror)  and glorify Jihad.

Regarding the false accusations,  nothing is further from the truth.  Israel cares deeply about her environment, and cares about sharing her advances in agriculture with others. She has turned the desert into an oasis to make it bloom. She takes great pride in teaching others how to do the same.  Israel is in the forefront of Organic farming and is sharing its technology with its neighbors and with many other countries around the globe for years who are smart enough to benefit from Israel's expertise and knowledge. 


Surely the over 17,000 members of the Park Slope Food Coop would be thrilled to learn about  Israel's innovation in agriculture and see how it can be applied elsewhere. 

Surely the members of the Park Slope Food Coop would appreciate hearing how  Israel's hard work and perseverance paid off to make the Land of Israel fruitful and productive, by draining the swamps and removing the threat of malaria.  As this video shows Israel greatly increased their production by incorporating innovative organic methods to control  the pests that eat the produce. 

Wise Recommendations for the benefit of the PSFC.....

Invite experts from Israel in the field of Organic Farming to address the members of the Food Coop at their General Meeting and write about it in the LinesWaiter Gazette.

Import Israeli products,  as many of their products are grown in greenhouses, bug free and free of pesticides.


IF the PSFC leadership wishes to be stubborn about it, and continue to bash Israel...

...THEN  they will have denied their 17,000 members  healthy, delicious, organic, pesticide free produce and nourish their members with poisonous lies and propaganda instead! 

As a side note, BDS has a history of being counterproductive. 

As soon as the boycotters realize how much they themselves need the products they choose to boycott, they find it very difficult to live without them and are forced to backtrack on their boycott.  

In addition, those who love Israel and understands the holiness of the Land and the value of Israel,  will purposefully buy any product that BDS targets.  

Exodus 1:12  But as much as they would afflict them, so did they multiply and so did they gain strength

This is a description of how the Israelites survived slavery in Egypt and in modern days how Sodastream has prospered since they were targeted by BDS.

So let us advocate that the leadership of the PSFC comes on board! 
....ELSE let alternative open minded leadership take over the officers and committee heads in the  Park Slope Food Coop.  

The time has come for the Coop to stop censoring Truth.  We owe it to the membership to stop the brainwashing that has been going on for over 8 years.  The time has come for members of the PSFC to start a competing newspaper to the Lineswaiter Gazette and organize reading groups that actually talk about Organic Farming rather than on distracting liberal, progressive nonsense.   Someone has to tell a narrative that can answer the Trump bashers and antisemites in the PSFC BDS who continuously spew a biased and false narrative.  

At the very minimum, let all the brainwashing in the PSFC be reversed with educating the 17,000 members of the PSFC  with the truth about Israel and let the membership be made aware that they have been conned into believing a pack of lies about Israel. What shame!

Thank you Zo Artzeinu for sharing this video!

Zo Artzeinu writes:  Farmers in Israel have figured out how to have larger pests get rid of smaller pests (bugs) so that people can eat organic food without pesticides.

Check out this incredible film showing it in full detail. Make sure the sound is on and the volume turned up.  Published on Sep 3, 2013
Gordon Robertson looks at Israel's remarkable agricultural innovation, with special focus on the role of the kibbutz in Israel's agricultural success, growing crops and orchards in desert, rocky land and swamps with hard work and ingenuity

5 Those who sow with tears will reap with song.
                          ה הַזֹּרְעִים בְּדִמְעָה בְּרִנָּה יִקְצֹרוּ:

6 He will go along weeping, carrying the valuable seeds; he will come back with song, carrying his sheaves.
ו הָלוֹךְ יֵלֵךְ | וּבָכֹה נֹשֵׂא מֶשֶׁךְ הַזָּרַע בֹּא יָבֹא בְרִנָּה נֹשֵׂא אֲלֻמֹּתָיו:

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Andrew Klavan’s brilliant analysis puts the ‘Fake News’ debate to rest – Israel Video Network and how Fake News has taken over PSFC


PSFC has been spreading fake news for over 8 years. This has manifested itself with a false narrative about Israel's unlawful Occupation of a fake Palestine, and an antiRepublican and more recently an anti Trump bias.  This is obvious from their newspaper The Lineswaiter Gazette, from their Reading workshops, in their biased Disciplinary Commitee and in their choice of Agenda Items in their monthly General Meetings!

Let me add that Fake News tells half a story leaving a significant portion of the events out of the narrative which puts the half they put out, totally out of context and biased.

Case in point calling a neutralized Islamo fascist  Palestinian terrorist a "victim of murder" and the IDF labelled as aggressers for attempting to defend itself....a right apparently only  permitted for the terrorists and not the innocent victims or potential victims.

The Park Slope Food Coop justifies Boycotting Israeli products and even keeps out Kosher products based on their fake news.

Listen to Andrew Klavan's 3 elements  that identifies fake news.   The PSFC is a an organization that preys on an ignorant and uneducated audienc"e to spread fakenews using these deceptive tacrht

Middle East and Terrorism: Why the Jews Are Losing the War on College Campuses - David Horowitz. PSFC take note!


The Park Slope Food Coop has allowed the brainwashing of these pro Hamas groups against Israel to infiltrate the Food Coop under their constant barrage of BDS misinformation in the Lineswaiter Gazette in their disciplinary committee in their reading workshops and in their General meetings.  This one sided narrative has been going on for 8 years since they are masters at suppressing the side of Israel shutting down the discussion, calling it divisive or political the minute they see that their false narrative might be exposed.

Deception is the key to their success. The lies are all packaged under their "concern" of common values, human rights violations against the "Palestinian people" (who educate their children to commit Jihad and glorify terrorists), and to protest aggression of the IDF (who dare to defend Israel from terrorists). They tell half the story bemoaning the Palestinian victims of Israel aggression while leaving out minor details like the fact that these victims happened to be terrorists or engaged in acts of terror.